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Psychologist & Hypnotherapist | Developer of KAH Ketamine assisted Hypnotherapy

Brief info

Sophie-Charlotte Alice Adler, MSc, is a psychologist, hypnotherapist, researcher and author.

She has specialised in working with altered states of consciousness since 2017 and developed the innovative Ketamine assisted Hypnotherapy (KAH). Since 2018, she has accompanied over 500 patients from all over the world being treated with ketamine infusions in Germany and Spain. In 2020, her book “Altered States of Consciousness – New Paths in Psychotherapy? The Potential of the Psychoactive Substance Psilocybin” was published by Carl-Auer in Germany.

2022 Sophie Adler established “Ketamine assisted Hypnotherapy” (KAH) in a private practice in Southwest Germany. From 2020 to October 2021 she established and managed the private practice Dr. Scheib in Berlin to offer KAH in Germany. 2018 the innovative therapy method  was called the “Ketamine Hypnosis Package” (KHP).  Sophie Adler developed KHP with the support of Dr. Scheib and Prof. Dr. Revenstorf  publishing a case example of this in the Journal of Psychedelic Psychiatry.

Ketamine (off-label use) is currently the only legally available and approved psychedelic substance. To share her clinical experiences Sophie started the KAH Training Program for physicians, psychotherapists and psychologists.Today she is an advisor for clinics on how to implement Ketamine therapy the best possible way.

She is the founder of ACSMINDWORKS – a group of specialists working on healing and states of consciousness in a variety of ways.
Sophie Adler is a member of the MEG Milton Erickson Gesellschaft für klinische Hypnose, of the KRIYA-Consultation Group with Dr. Raquel Bennett and Dr. Jessica Katzman in California as well as a founding member of Nectara, Canada.

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