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Co Founder & CRO, Vitalis Extraction. Technology Inc.

Brief info

Serial Entrepreneur and Investor. Focused on Finance, Real Estate, Tech and Emerging Markets.

Joel has been at the helm of multiple successful start-ups and corporate exits, including one of BC’s top real estate teams and brokerage, a National first action sports e-commerce company, a successful corporate consulting firm, and a 36M dollar private equity fund focused on Arizona real estate development. With a background in Finance, Joel is also a seasoned Real Estate investor, found great success in the technology sector, and brings a wealth of hands-on entrepreneurial business experience.

Growing up on 23 acres of Manitoba countryside, Joel’s affinity for wide-open spaces naturally lead him to the oceans to surf, to the greens to golf, and to the hills to hike and dirt bike. Joel’s contribution to the local and global community continues to evolve exponentially each year. With roots as an award winning Youth Leader, Joel has become a long-standing, integral board member for many charitable organizations including the Mel Jr. and Marty Zajac Foundation. Most recently, a partnership with Free the Children to build schools in developing countries. Armed with altruism and perfectionism, Joel is a warrior of the wild, whether amongst skyscrapers or tall trees.

Specialties: Private Equity, Venture Capital, Financing, Real Estate Negotiation, Marketing, Negotiations, Creative Real Estate Solutions, Property Trades, Sales Training, Business Mentoring.

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