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Chief Visionary Officer, Evolve

Brief info

Chris is a passionate entrepreneur, curious scientist and creative leader as well as a proven businessman. He has built Evolve Ltd. within the A & Co. group from scratch as a business vehicle to offer services such as Designing, Equipping, Maintaining of scientific workspaces as well as Training of many industry professionals.

He also set up and Chairs two units within the Malta Chamber of Commerce, the ‘Medical Cannabis Operators business section’, as well as the ‘Quality Committee’, to bolster the highest quality standards in all aspects of business and the Maltese economy. Moreover, Evolve played a pivotal role in the design and build of the first medical cannabis processing facility in Malta, the design, build, equipping and maintaining of the largest independent GMP testing lab in Europe and the introduction of molecular biology diagnostic testing methods in the Maltese healthcare industry.

Mr Busuttil Delbridge has been a leading supporter of Malta’s switch to higher technological ventures like the production of pharmaceuticals, state-of-the-art technology in healthcare and semiconductors.

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